Roofing for Temporary Buildings

Herchenbach buildings are offered with roof solutions that suit every need. Most of our customers order one of the following: Roof tarpaulins with and without condensation protection, fixed roofs or our Heba-Therm® roof inside tarpaulins with excellent insulation and soundproofing properties.

Tarpaulin or fixed roof


Our industrial tarpaulin roofs are not only much more cost-effective than fixed roofs. They also create a temperate interior climate inside the building, meaning that the building is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter for ideal storage conditions. In comparison to fixed roofs, the industrial tarpaulin roofs also offer several other key advantages: They are translucent and let daylight into your temporary building, they are quick to assemble and maintenance free, easy to replace in the event of damage and, if the building is moved or dismantled, they are completely reusable. Contrary to popular belief, our tarpaulin roofs are "walk-on-able" and durable - some of our valued customers have had their building with our tarpaulin up for multiple decades without any roof related issues. Furthermore, an additional tarpaulin can be inserted inside or underneath to protect against condensation water forming under the ceiling. Recently, it has also become possible to attach a photovoltaic film on top of our demountable warehouse buildings.

If construction regulations or practical considerations make it necessary, we can make your temporary storage building roof out of trapezoidal sheet metal or insulated panels.

Insulated Heba-Therm® Tarpaulin

Heba-Fix® buildings can be optionally fitted with our patent-protected Heba-Therm® tarpaulin, which offers excellent insulation values of as low as 0.85 W/m²K. This not only significantly reduces your energy costs for heating or cooling your industrial lightweight structures, but also offers additional soundproofing.

For buildings with larger span widths the Heba-Therm® tarpaulin is only used in the roof; for smaller buildings it can also be used in the side walls as well. Engineered to allow for a simple installation, the Heba-Therm® tarpaulin is inserted in the aluminium structure and does not require any maintenance. Of course, we can provide proof of flame resistance for the combination of tarpaulin and insulating material in accordance with EN 13501.

Combination of two aisles

Combination of two aisles with middle channel

Tarpaulin roof or inside tarpaulin

Tarpaulin roof or inside tarpaulin with wind bracing

Translucent inside tarpaulin

Inside tarpaulin

Inside tarpaulin with lighting and tension ties

Inside tarpaulin

Inside tarpaulin in the gate area of a sliding gate

Fixed roof and multi-aisle construction

Temporary building in multi-aisle construction or with fixed roof

Middle channel with drainage

Storage building

Storage building with trapezoidal sheet metal in the construction phase

Four-aisle exhibition building

Four-aisle exhibition building with tarpaulin roof

Valley gutter with heating

Valley gutter with heating

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