Heba-Fix® temporary buildings, warehouses & industrial tents

More than 2000 companies from all sectors use Herchenbach temporary buildings and warehouses. The demountable multipurpose structures can be used for a countless number of applications. They are particularly popular when more space needs to be available quickly and at a comparatively low cost.

Trapezoidal sheet metal building with sliding gate
Temporary buildings, warehouses and industrial tents by Herchenbach: trapezoidal sheet metal building with sliding gate

Temporary warehouses are cost-efficient and durable

A picture of a maintenance-free bracing
Maintenance-free bracing of the roof tarpaulin

A temporary building can be installed without foundation on almost any existing surface. Thanks to the aluminium frame and the standardised side wall panelling and roof cover, assembly is quick and economical.

100% structurally sound
All Herchenbach static plans are certified by the TÜV technical agency and are designed in accordance with BS EN 1991 (British Regulation) structural codes for permanent installation. Snow loads of up to 1.35 kN/m² and high coastal wind loads are possible (loads will be checked depending on location by our experts). This means that Herchenbach temporary buildings satisfy the requirements on the granting of building permits in the UK and Europe.

Hire or purchase: installed in days
All our buildings are available on short notice. The economics of our buildings is great, as they can be hired or purchased outright. As the buildings are largely maintenance and wear-free by design, your investment into the building is protected over time.

Multifunctional temporary buildings

The uses of our temporary buildings include but are not limited to:

  • storage building and warehouse,
  • logistics building, incoming & outgoing goods,
  • sales & showroom building, exhibition building,
  • production and workshop building,
  • aircraft hangar and airport passenger building,
  • industrial building, machine assembly building,
  • quick-assembly building, fire brigade vehicle building, and also as
  • parcel distribution depot

Application examples with galleries can be found here.

Herchenbach temporary building
20m x 45m partially-insulated temporary building by Herchenbach with trapezoidal sheet metal walls, sliding gate and 3 emergency exits (steel doors)
Product aspectFeature
Building size100 m² – 10.000 m² customised
Delivery time1.000 m² in 5 working days
Conformity100% TÜV-conform, structurally sound
Static planCompliant with snow- & wind loads
StandardFor permanent installation DIN BS 1991
Height (clear)Up to 6,40 m, above upon request
Fire protectionPossible, if required
SubstrateGravel (compacted), asphalt, composite paving or concrete

Additional information:
Data sheet for temporary buildings/ industrial tents

Insulated against cold, heat and noise

With our patent protected Heba-Therm® roof tarpaulin we can configure buildings, if needed, with various degrees of insulation (partially and fully insulated roofs and walls). This provides customers with a building solution that matches their specific needs, and keeps overall costs down.

Insulated flooring, against cold from below as often required in the food industry, is available in different variants. The wide truss spacing (frame distance), in particular, makes it possible for our industrial customers to make optimal use of our building’s pillar-free open spaces.

Innovative construction

Proprietary innovations regularly expand the potential uses of temporary buildings. Examples of Herchenbach innovations include the wide truss spacing (frame distance), which allows for wide gates in the length walls. Also, we developed a maintenance-free bracing technology and patented eave inserts without corner struts for optimum use of the space.

Quick, mobile, flexible

Fast approval procedures for temporary buildings, fast delivery times thanks to our material stock in excess of 10,000 m² and setup of the building in only a few days, depending on the size – material advantages of this building type over conventional buildings. Our Heba-Fix® temporary building range is one of the fastest ways you'll ever find to obtain new capacity! Also, a Herchenbach temporary building can be dismantled, moved and rebuilt again at another location. The size and accessories can be adapted at short notice.

Comprehensive advice included. Directly from the manufacturer!

The crucial starting point for your temporary building project is sound advice. We will provide you with the right solution after we have clearly understood what you are looking for.

Our focus on exceptionally knowledgeable staff and our streamlined operations make our temporary buildings particularly inexpensive. With us you will always obtain one price for the building and separate prices for accessories, delivery and installation, and dismantling. All summarised in a detailed, written offer with all the other important information.

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