Data sheet for temporary buildings and industrial tents

Product/Product featureProperties of clearspan temporary buildings / industrial tents
Snow loadsSnow loads of up to 1.35 kN/m² (higher snow loads in a special case on the North German Plain with individual proof; Please contact us for international snow loads)
Wind loadsHigh wind load requirements
  • In accordance with EN 13782
  • (Temporary buildings) and EN 1991
  • Wind loads up to 1.0 kN/m² (please contact us for international wind loads)
Effective height
  • Full effective clearspan height up into the eave, without tension tie up to the ridge
  • Heba-Fix® buildings  do not need any corner struts or junction plates
  • 100% structurally sound
  • Particularly stable, low-wear (durable) and corrosion-free high-grade aluminium structures
  • Can generally be installed with a forklift trucks
  • White, translucent and stable industrial tarpaulin (commercial grade)
  • Easy inside tarpaulin as condensation protection
  • Heba-Therm® tarpaulin for roof insulation
  • Fixed roofs of trapezoidal sheet metal and insulated panels
Side wallsSelection of
  • Tarpaulin (standard hire colour: similar to RAL 6026)
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal (standard hire colour: RAL 9006)
  • Insulated panels (standard hire colour: RAL 9006)
  • On purchase: Colour can be selected from an extensive palette
  • Flame resistant in accordance with EN 13501
  • Weight: 650 g/m²
  • Load capacity of at least 250 kg per 5 cm tarpaulin
  • Coating on both sides – on request, different colours on  the outside and the inside
  • On purchase: Selection from an extensive colour palette (similar to RAL)
  • Additional inside tarpaulin possible as condensation protection
Tarpaulin gableMulti-part tarpaulin gable
  • Increase windproofness
  • Reduce wear and tear
Heba-Therm®Patent-protected Heba-Therm®
  • Insulated tarpaulin with heat transmission coefficients of 0.85 W/m²K
  • Suitable for both tent roof and tent walls
  • Flame resistant in accordance with EN 13501
Gate integrationEasy and cheap installation of large gates in the side walls
  • Distance of 5 m between supports
    (save costs for expensive steel lintel)
  • Thanks to fewer wind bracing fields, more gates can be integrated in the side walls
  • Stable bolt lock for tarpaulin gates instead of simple straps
Tubular steel in the tarpaulin pocketsTubular steel in the tarpaulin pockets for even distribution of the bracing forces
Dywidag pressure bracingDywidag pressure bracing on the eave and floor of roof tarpaulins
  • Wear- and maintenance-free
  • Protects against theft and vandalism
  • Avoids water bulges
Specially developed clamping profilesFlexible clamping profiles for attaching fixed walls without rivets or screws
TüV Certified Temporary Buildings
TüV Certified Temporary Buildings
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