Maintenance and Repair of Temporary Buildings

Maintenance inspections, break fix repair works or other service activities: Herchenbach supports its customers and is never far away.

Supply of the modular structure
Supply of the modular structure for a building commissioning

Customer satisfaction is key to Herchenbach.

Because of this, many of our loyal customers opt for a second or third building after having their first one installed. DHL, Siemens and Saint Gobain are just a few of these. Some customers even have over a dozen Herchenbach temporary buildings across their locations worldwide. Besides attractive prices and fast delivery times, the most frequently mentioned driver of that loyalty is Herchenbach products’ quality and reliability.

Herchenbach is synonymous with quality, reliability and great customer service: both before and after the building installation takes place.

Temporary buildings do not require any mandatory maintenance. While it may be useful to have inspections from our service experts every now and then to ensure no anchors, bolts or other components moved, some customers do require regular inspections due to their corporate health & safety regulations. For these, Herchenbach offers service contracts and regular inspections. However, our customers usually only call us when there is need for one of the following:

Repairs to the temporary building

For example, a forklift of other vehicle bumped into the wall and damaged the steel sheetmetal. Or a tree branch fell onto the building roof and the tarpaulin tore. Temporary building break fix repair.

  • What to do: Send us photos of the damange and we will send you an individual non-binding repair quote as soon as possible. Our technical experts will then come on-site as soon as possible to conduct the respective repairs. While our experts are on-site, they can also do an overall inspection of your building at a small extra cost. You break it – we fix it! With 100% genuine Herchenbach parts.

Modifications to the temporary building

You want to upgrade your temporary building from non-insulated to insulated? You want additional doors added into a side wall of your temporary warehouse? Or other options or accessories added? You want the size of your building reduced?

  • What to do: Call the Herchenbach main number and ask for a product expert. Herchenbach has all information in a extensive CRM database and can cater to your modification wish. Once you told us what you want modified, we will prepare a quote so you know what costs come with your modification plans. After you approve the costs, the modification work takes place. This can typically done within the next few weeks.

Relocation of the temporary building

You operate a temporary building or warehouse and would like to move it to another location? No problem!

  • What to do: E-mail or call us with the information about the desired relocation. We will then evaluate the technical feasibility (note that the building has a static plan specific to certain snow loads and wind actions. The compatibility of the static plan with the new location’s snow and wind will have to be checked) and send you a quote for the de-installation, the transport and the installation costs. Other work and potential modification work will be also included in the quote. Relocations are typically quite straightforward and can usually be completed with just a few weeks notice.

Disassembly of the temporary building

You want your temporary building disassembled as you do not plan to use it anymore?

  • What to do: Just reach out to Herchenbach and we will talk you through the costs and the available time slots of our assembly expert teams. If you hired your building from us, the building is brought back to our storage facilities. In case you bought the building, you can decide on the further use of the structure. We often buy back decomissioned Herchenbach temporary buildings at attractive rates. Please reach out so we can discuss your options.

Maintenance Inspections of the temporary building

You wish to avoid any risk and also want to ensure your temporary building remains in perfect shape? Your Health & Safety Officer requires an inspection of all buildings on site?

  • What to do: No problem. We can send our technical experts out to inspect your building upon request. Prior to any work, we will submit to you a maintenance quote. If you have specific parts of the building we must look at, or something to repair, we would appreciate if you could send us some photos or smartphone snapshots so we can do a precise cost estimate for the inspection.

Regular inspections of the temporary building

Regular inspections on an annual or bi-annual basis are the best way to ensure your temporary building stays in perfect shape.

  • What to do: Herchenbach offers individual maintenance and inspection contracts to its temporary building customers. In coordination with our respective customer, we define both maintenance intervals and scope. You will receive a fixed price for the regular inspection package, and materials for any work are billed separately.

In any case, you can count on Herchenbach’s fast and efficient service and solution finding. Our expert service and repair teams can be with you within a few hours to ensure you can fully use your Herchenbach demountable warehouse building. Herchenbach repair service provides you with fast reaction times, short fix-times and minimal downtime for your building or warehouse.

Maintenance and repair

Temporary buildings serviced and repaired
Our service and repair teams can be with you within a few hours to ensure you can fully use your Herchenbach temporary building
Repair Service

Due to the modular construction method of all our temporary buildings and warehouses, damages to the building are easily repaired.
Did the tarpaulin tear while manoeuvring with the forklift? Was a piece of sheet metal dented? Did a oversize piece of material fall against our building and damage the aluminum structure? No problem for our specialised maintenance and repair teams. We stock all spare parts so that they are instantly available. Our local maintenance teams repair most tarpaulins on site. It is quick and easy, and most importantly: it is cost-effective for you and your operations can assume rapidly.

Commissioning and extensions

Building extension and relocation
Our building experts can rapidly relocate and enlargen your building. Size reductions and modifications of accessories is possible as well
Modifications easily possible
Modifications are usually possible without extensive additional works

Do you want to demount and relocate, modify or extend your temporary building? The modular construction of our building makes this easy and cost-efficient.

We can extend or shorten the building according to the modular dimensions of the respective static plan. Whole side walls can be converted to trapezoid sheet metal on insulated panels should you decide that you want to permanently heat your building, for example.

Thanks to the modular construction additional gates can be easily integrated into the gable or side walls - currently installed gates can also be closed or de-installed. Make an appointment for a consultation with us and we’ll be happy to discuss the range of options offered by our building system.

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