Financing of a Temporary Building

We offer flexible financing options for our temporary buildings. You can hire, purchase or lease our buildings and warehouses. Or you can opt for our very popular and attractive purchase option on expiry of the rental contract.

Herchenbach Temporary Building
Hire, purchase, leasing – the flexible financing of Herchenbach’s temporary buildings and industrial tents

Hire and Purchase

Our temporary buildings are available to purchase or to hire. Thanks to our flexible rental contracts you can agree on a fixed rental fee for three months or even for the next five years - just as it suits you best. Upon expiration of the rental contract you can either extend the contract or benefit from our attractive purchase option.

A few arguments that might make it easier for you to decide between purchase and hire:

  • Currently, you do not know for how long you will need the additional space and want to remain flexible
  • You quickly want a solution for your space requirement, but you currently do not know if you soon need further additional space as an extension to the temporary building
  • You only want to keep the temporary building up for as long
    as you really need it
  • You want to protect your liquidity and your investment budget
  • You'd like to be able to deduct the rental fee in your monthly P&L rather than consider the building as an asset investment
  • You’ll benefit from the fact that the longer you hire the building, the lower the rental price per period is
  • Hiring is uncomplicated: Costs for fire and storm insurance are already included in the rental costs

If so, you should decide to hire one of our buildings.

  • You already know that you’ll need additional
    storage or sales space for a undefined long-term period
  • You currently have ample liquidity and you want to use this in the short-term
  • You have multiple sites and might demount and re-install the building somewhere else later on
  • You want to avoid being affected by volatile raw material prices which may affect the price of a demountable building in the future

If so, you should decide to purchase one of our buildings.

Purchase option

Upon expiry of the rental contract our customers typically decide to either prolong the rental contract or purchase our temporary building. In case you opt for the later, a substantial part of the already paid rental costs can then be offset against the purchase price. Please ask us for further details and for a specific quote for your building.


Our customers also regularly lease our industrial temporary buildings. We offer this with a handful of reputable and strong leasing partners.

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