Installation & Transport of Temporary Buildings

The transport and the installation of your temporary building is an important part of our hassle-free service to all our customers - to anywhere in Europe. Our experienced specialist teams deliver the building and completely install it with all accessories and add-ons so it is ready for use.

Assembly of the support frame of a temporary warehouse with the mobile crane
Assembly of the support frame of a temporary warehouse with 20 m width and 6.40 m eave height with a mobile crane
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Insertion of the roof purlins of an industrial tent
Insertion of the purlins in the support frame of a temporary warehouse

Herchenbach takes care of the complete installation of your temporary building – from the transport, to the building installation, the installation of doors, gates and windows and the suspension of lighting through to the laying of the floor. Our experienced site supervisors and installation technicians will ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to the time schedule.

Our demountable buildings are usually anchored with steel baseplates and earth pins (up to 1.35 m in length) or with plugs in concrete foundations. Note that dedicated foundations are generally not required though.

On the installation site, the aluminium frames are assembled on the ground after their delivery. The installation process as such is quite straightforward: Herchenbach's standardised modular elements and our special joint point on the baseplate make this easy. Depending on the building size, the frames are mounted using a forklift truck, a telehandler, a scissor platform or a mobile crane. If a customer has a team of qualified employees the installation can also be done with the instructions of one of our experienced site supervisors.

But what if the underground's surface is uneven? No problem. We will simply balance it out with an underpinning – of course, even this has its limitations. Installation on a fixed underground such as gravel, asphalt, composite paving or concrete is the standard. An evenly ascending site with a gradient of up to 1% is also no problem for our modular warehouse buildings. For greater gradients, we can shorten some pillars.

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