Warehouses for the beverage industry

Herchenbach temporary warehouses as cold or warm beverage storage - ideally suited for storing full or empty containers and packaging at any point in the entire production and distribution process.

Logistics warehouses for the beverage industry
Logistics warehouse in the beverage industry for storing pallets in a brewery (distribution warehousing), fully insulated and with side height of 6.40m.

The optimum solution in beverage logistics

The demand for different beverages varies across the year. When it gets hot, there is a greater thirst for beer and sweetened drinks. When it gets colder, the demand for warm drinks increases. As a beverage wholesaler, drinks distributor, beverage system logistics provider or a beverage manufacturer, you have to adapt to demand immediately and respond quickly. That is why temporary warehouses offer you the ideal solution for your warehousing need:

  • Short routes and rapid response times are essential: new warehouse space has to be built at the current site and ongoing operations should not be affected. Temporary building warehouses can be installed on asphalt or paving, and do not require a dedicated foundation. In addition, construction time is extremely short so active operations are hardly affected. You will also save on expensive transports to a more distant hired warehouse.
  • With changing demand, it can be difficult to plan ahead. You do not yet know exactly how long you will need the extra storage space. Temporary buildings can be hired or purchased and can be dismantled in just a few days, or even extended when demand increases. Many of our customers have been using our system warehouses for several decades already.
  • Your site requires entrances and exits from the warehouse at specific locations, as existing processes cannot (at least for now) be changed. This is no problem for a warehouse or storage building by Herchenbach because we can install doors and gates at any location in the building wall, just as you require so you can avoid the expense and inconvenience of leasing an off-site warehouse.
  • Full packaging or empty? Or both in one warehouse? We can offer a warehouse that is fully or partially insulated, or not at all. Using a partition wall, the warehouse can have areas operating in different temperature ranges and with different SKUs. No problem for a temporary building. We also offer heating systems.
  • You have a number of sites and want to use a warehouse now and here as well as at another location tomorrow? Warehouses using the temporary building construction technology are quickly assembled and dismantled, and in contrast to other warehousing solutions can be de-installed after installation and converted without much effort. So you benefit from maximum flexibility while expanding your operational space.
  • The low margins in the beverage industry require stringent cash management? No problem for a warehouse built from durable aluminium and steel because you can buy, hire, lease or purchase. We would be pleased to advise you.

Our temporary warehouses are an excellent solution for permanent and semi-permanent uses with countless benefits. For example, we installed one of the largest temporary building projects in Europe in a brewery, with space for more than 16,000 pallets (turnkey warehouses with ram protection, high-speed doors and lighting, built on a concrete slab). We would be pleased show you a reference warehouse near you and make you a free offer.

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