Temporary fire stations and depots

The heart of every fire brigade is the place where the fire engines are kept. We plan and build your fire station as a turnkey project for permanent use or during refurb and rebuild projects.

Fire station
Fire station using Herchenbach's lightweight construction at Munich Airport

Fire stations and vehicle depots rescue services

Herchenbach temporary buildings are perfect for expanding your fire station with a high quality, cost-effective and rapidly built space solution. While improvements are carried out to your current station, our buildings can also ensure emergency responses remain at full strength. Thanks to their modular construction technique, our buildings can be built on almost any sur­face without any foundations. Side heights of up to 6.40 m are possible without any problems. Column-free spans of up to 25 m are standard. Read more about building sizes.

Fire station vehicles in temporary building
20 m wide temporary building for fire station & emergency vehicles

A large number of wide entrances and exits are needed, especially in the fire and rescue sector. We have optimised one of our building types so that we can equip all the length walls with roller shutter or sectional doors. Of course, this can also be done in the side walls. Herchenbach temporary buildings for fire stations are available in non-insulated or fully-insulated variants - adapted to your needs as required. For fire and rescue services, every second counts: with our efficiently heated semi-permanent buildings, you can always move out with the vehicles ready for use.

Parking for vehicles ready for deployment during renovation work

Over recent years, we have gained much praise for our building solution for fire station conversions, building them as temporary fire stations or semi-permanent vehicle depots. We design to accommodate the activities of a modern operational fire station, and support you and your contractors in implementing the accident prevention regulations and government safety regulations that are required. Spacious thoroughfares, traffic light systems, exhaust extraction for each vehicle and gates together with safety through bright lighting are just two important issues that need to be considered at the planning stage.

Herchenbach hall construction - the benefits

Our temporary buildings can compete with classical buildings in many areas, but also have important advantages over them. Using aluminium lightweight construction, our buildings can be built in just a few weeks from placement of order, can be extended or shortened at a later date. They can be implemented as desired, and can be built on almost any surface. Of course you can also hire one of our buildings. This is a critical commercial argument, especially when the building is used during a fire station rebuild project or the construction of a new fire station.

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