Logistics and transport operations warehouses

Logistics companies and parcel shipping carriers have been benefiting from the advantages of temporary warehouses for years - thanks to their flexibility in size, individual configuration and the feasibility of moving them to other locations (relocatable).

Logistics warehouse as a distribution centre
Logistics warehouse as a distribution centre for an express parcel service provider with shutter doors for Sprinter vans and trucks on a concrete slab and using conveyor technology

Widely used by transport & logistics companies and proven over many years

When it comes to a warehouse project in the logistics industry, the key factors are functionality, customisation and construction time, in addition to the construction costs. That is why transport and logistics companies increasingly turn to semi-permanent warehouses that offer an ideal solution. It is not only the cost-efficiency of such buildings that catches one’s eye.

The smartly engineered structure allows for a super rapid construction - the turnkey building is ready for use within a few weeks, including customized roller shutter doors for trucks and cargo vans, connections to existing buildings, etc. Equally, the building offers a wide range of design and equipment options. Maximum flexibility is maintained by the use of many standardised components, so an extension, removal or conversion is easily possible later. So choose a logistics warehouse in durable aluminium lightweight construction from Herchenbach!

Logistics warehouses e.g. for couriers, express delivery and parcel service providers

  • Semi-permanent warehouses are versatile and easy to configure. Well-known customers from the logistics and transport industries use their Herchenbach buildings as picking centres, distribution centres, interim storage or warehouses in intralogistics. The buildings come either in an insulated or uninsulated version. Special door heights, vehicle docking stations, crash protectors (bumpers), materials handling equipment, connections to existing buildings - no problem.
  • Short construction time with no risk of delay: As logistics companies need every square metre of warehouse space, we build our buildings in record time. Where possible we ensure that current operations are only minimally restricted or affected. Demountable buildings can be installed on asphalt or paving, and do not require a separate foundation or groundworks. Since we have already built dozens of warehouses for the logistics sector, you can count on us as your reliable and experienced partner.
  • In the logistics industry, the operator is often not the landowner. That's why flexibility is extremely important for the future. Investments in a temporary warehouse are thus particularly attractive because these temporary buildings are not traditional real estate. They can be dismantled and reassembled again at a new location – hence the use as permanent or semi-permanent building. Semi-permanent warehouses tend to be regarded as movable property (mobile), which is a considerable advantage especially for logistics companies and parcel shipping carriers.
  • In logistics and transport, demand fluctuates constantly. This is why a semi-permanent warehouse that can be hired or purchased is a particularly attractive space solution. Within a few days the warehouse is built, and as demand increases it can be expanded or dismantled again.
  • When installing conveyors or other systems, special requirements may apply. Gates and doors must be mounted in certain positions. In addition, alterations can be made to suit the truck and/or van fleet in order to use the building in the best possible way. Rely on Herchenbach’s experience - we build structures to the highest quality

We have built logistics buildings and warehouses for every need and every service life. Semi-permanent buildings are as stable as conventional ones, but unbeatably flexible. Of course, our warehouses can be installed as a permanent building in accordance with DIN EN 1991 or as so-called "portable buildings" according to DIN EN 13782. Herchenbach builds structures to the highest quality specific to your geographical location. Provided appropriate soil conditions exist, foundations are not required on Herchenbach structures.

Our customers are among the leading names in the logistics industry. Numerous well-known industrial companies have also had their storage facilities built by us. Herchenbach offers superior engineering and the ultimate in flexibility for any logistics building:

  • Cargo sorting
  • Cargo processing facilities
  • Weather-Sensitive Enclosures
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Transport & logistics warehouse
  • Processing Facilities
  • Prefabricated warehouses
  • Loading canopies
  • Picking centre
  • Distribution centres
  • Intralogistics building
  • ...

Herchenbach temporary buildings have stood the test of time.

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