Temporary Warehouse Solutions

Herchenbach storage buildings – thanks to the flexibility of our temporary warehouse solutions in terms of size, dimensions and accessories, these can be adapted to your specific needs.

Double-aisle storage building
Double-aisle storage building in an industrial park

Commercial warehouse and storage space is hard to get

You want to expand your storage space instantly and are facing the following challenges?

  • You are currently not sure as to how long you will need the additional storage space for. Perhaps for a few months, but potentially also for a few years.
  • You would like to keep the size of the on-site storage space flexible. The space shall allow for future expansion or reduction quickly – depending on how things progress.
  • You need a tailored storage solution. As such, you’d like to have a heated or chilled space, or with a special light intensity in the building, or insulated and fully automatic roller gates – and all of these hassle-free through a one stop shop solution.
  • You would like a storage space that can be flexibly relocated to another site later on. This is important if your land is only leased for a limited time period and/or you intend to use the storage space at another of your locations in the UK or abroad.
  • You are looking for a flexible financing model: Our temporary buildings can be purchased, hired or purchased after a hire contract (hire-purchase).

Heba-Fix® temporary warehouse buildings by Herchenbach

The solution to your space requirements!

To date, we have not only built temporary warehousing solutions but also grain and hay storage buildings, equipment garages, equine supplies, hoop buildings, agricultural supplies, distribution warehouses for major automotive tier-1 suppliers, equipment storages, parcel distribution centres with special loading bays, salt storage, and seasonal interim storage warehouses for temperature sensitive storage goods. Herchenbach buildings are truly buildings of 1,000 uses.

Temporary warehousing in case of emergency

In case you had a fire, floor or storm damage to one of your buildings we can offer you help quickly. Herchenbach can help in the event of an emergency so you can keep operations and trading running at full capacity. In parallel, you can then consider long-term repairs and the various redevelopment options. Available for you are our temporary warehouses from our full range with varying degrees of insulated and non-insulated cladding and roof options, doors, lighting and other options.

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