Case studies of Temporary Buildings

Case studies on the use of our temporary buildings and warehouses show the multitude of possibilities offered by Herchenbach’s Heba-Fix® building system and provide you with inspiration for your own projects.

Temporary warehouse in Wales extended by 10.400 m²

Herchenbach extends a previously built Herchenbach temporary warehouse of 11.000 m² with another 10.400 m² building. This results in over 21.400 m² additional warehouse surface for the client. In all of Europe, this semi-permanent building is now the largest of its kind.

New 11.000 m² warehouse in South Wales

One of the world’s biggest breweries operates a large site in South Wales. Within a short time frame a 20.000 m² concrete slab and an 11.000 m² warehouse for finished products were urgently required.

Due to this increased warehousing capacity, the client will, in just over one year, save the equivalent of 330.000 km of transport. Besides these cost-savings, there are also remarkable environmental savings expected. It is estimated that the CO2 Emissions will be reduced by 289 t p.a.. This is equivalent to the total annual emissions of 52 British households.

For the installation of the demountable warehousing facility a time frame of only 5 weeks was available - the period during which the other building was also under construction. A further challenge on the structure of the warehouse was the location of the site. Being just 3.5 km from the coastline the high wind loads are comparable to wind zone 4 of Germany.

Herchenbach was able to fulfill all the requirements of the client within the prescribed time frame and successfully installed an 11.000 m² warehouse with three 170 m long bays, each with an eave height of 6.40 m and a self-supporting width of 25m.

In just under 5 weeks the Herchenbach installation team was able to hand the turnkey building over to the client. This included the delivery and installation of the lighting as well as 5 high speed roller gates.

This storage warehouse with a capacity of 16,000 Pallets has been successfully in use since 1. November 2013.

New Construction of an Aircraft Hangar

One of Europe’s leading aircraft maintenance companies operates a workshop for airliners at a major German airport. In 2012 Herchenbach had already built a 600 m² unheated storage facility for spare parts for this customer. This new hall had to be equipped with an almost 10 meter wide sliding door in the gable wall - a static construction only very few expert companies such as Herchenbach can provide.

In 2013 the aircraft maintenance company approached Herchenbach with a new special challenge. The customer needed a 1,200 m² large insulated temporary building with an 18.50 m wide roll-up door in the gable wall for use as a hangar for small corporate aircraft.

Again, the Herchenbach engineers could develop the ideal solution to satisfy the customer’s demand using the versatile modular system of Herchenbach demountable warehouses and temporary buildings.

Reconstruction of a complete shopping centre

One of the leading operators of cash & carry shopping centres in Germany was in search of a temporary sales building as a complete solution during the reconstruction of an existing shopping centre. As a full-service supplier, Herchenbach provided a fully insulated four-aisle temporary building with more than 2,700 m2 space.

From the draughtproofing of the side walls to heating and air conditioning through to the automatic sliding glass doors, we designed the complete solution and offered it to our customer in cooperation with our partner companies.

Luggage check-in building for cruise ships

The operator of one of Germany’s most important harbours was in search of a luggage handling building for its cruise ship terminal. The building had to be accessible for a forklift truck, be as spacious as possible and offer some transparent side walls, and it was limited in height by a mobile passenger bridge.

Herchenbach provided a double-aisle temporary building with special gate heights for the forklift trucks. The aisles have various gable widths and are openly connected on the gable sides. The customs clearance takes place in a separate area of the building.

Assembly building for the power plant construction in Bhutan

One of the world’s leading power plant constructors was in search of an assembly building for the assembly of power plant turbines for the new construction of a power plant in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. Herchenbach provided a 500 m2 building with a 6.40 m side height that was completely packaged in an overseas container. Herchenbach sent an English-speaking supervisor to install the temporary building.

Assembly building
Assembly building for the construction of a power plant
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