Turnkey on-site warehouse to combine an existing and new building

The clever Heba-Fix® building system allows for a seamless connection between an existing and new warehouse, completely tailored to specific customer requirements.

Heba-Fix® building system (warehouse)

Customer satisfaction is key to Herchenbach’s way of doing business. Because of that, many of its loyal customers opt for a second or third building after having their first one installed. Some customers even have over a dozen Herchenbach temporary buildings across their locations worldwide. Besides attractive prices and fast delivery times, the most frequently mentioned driver of that loyalty is its customised and unbiased expert advice, making Herchenbach more like a partner rather than just a provider to its customers.

One of these customers is an international transport company for packaging in the food industry, whose current warehouse was built in 2011. It is used extensively and forms an important part of the customer’s on-site intra logistics processes. A new, on-site warehouse was required as an extension and needed to be connected to the current warehouse at two points.

The particular challenge of this request was to connect the existing warehouse with the new install, as the existing building was built based on the no longer-current DIN static standards. These national standards have since been replaced by a harmonised European standard, the so-called Structural Eurocode (locally referred to in GB as BS EN 1991). All temporary buildings and warehouses that are installed for more than just a few weeks need to comply with BS EN 1991. In particular, BS EN 1991 determines how wind actions and snow loads for a given building at a given location are defined.

Herchenbach’s temporary buildings are frequently used by industrial companies, trading firms and manufacturing – most often for many years at one given location. The structural design of all Herchenbach buildings is therefore in compliance with BS EN 1991. Herchenbach’s commitment to excellence goes beyond that of many industry competitors as its designs are engineered not just to meet but exceed industry standards. They are also extensively reviewed for strength and functionality, in order to provide structures that are safe, built to last and meet the highest engineering and regulatory standards.

Given that the existing building was constructed on the basis of a now non-current static standard, the seamless connection between the existing building and the new warehouse was a challenge. In particular, the required frame distance was now 4,00 meters compared to 5,00 meters at the existing building. Herchenbach’s engineering team however developed an efficient solution to cleanly connect the two warehouse buildings. Without delays, all was set for the installation of a 20,00 m wide x 55,00 m length x 6,40 m eaves height new temporary warehouse. Some of the new structure features included a canopy area to be used as a lorry loading zone, custom-made rolling doors and push-bar emergency exit doors, and rain guttering around the accessories.

Besides the solution to connect the two buildings, Herchenbach also advised the customer on the building’s optimal specifications. Additional insulation and heating was not installed at the new warehouse as this was not required for the type of stored goods. The customer therefore decided to opt for trapezoidal sheet-metal steel walls instead of insulated wall panels, reducing the project costs significantly.

Herchenbach is one of the industry’s leading and trusted providers for a range of semi-permanent building solutions to capacity problems. Able to offer expert solutions to the most challenging circumstances, it is the UK’s only provider that manufactures its temporary building solutions itself. This allows them to not only better understand your needs but also to provide a solution that comes directly from the manufacturer’s technical desk itself, ensuring optimal and smart solutions for the most complicated situations.

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