Evonik specialty chemicals creates covered warehouse space at its Wesseling site

Evonik is the largest specialty chemicals company in the world. It has representations in more than 100 countries and operates production facilities in over 25 countries. Within the Evonik Group and for external customers, Evonik Logistics Services GmbH provides logistic services at 13 sites in Germany. Semi-permanent buildings have now been installed at the Wesseling site with a total area of 1,500 square metres.

Condensation water protected warehouse building as covered storage area for chemical company

As the logistics sector is an extremely competitive and fast-moving market, it was important to make the covered warehouse space cost-effective. Minimal capital tie up was also a goal. Accordingly, Evonik opted for a long-term hire plan over 6 years when deciding on the new warehouses. This meant that cash will remain in the company, although the necessary covered warehouse space can be used immediately. After the 6-year term, Evonik will re-assess the situation and decide whether and in what form the temporary buildings will continue to be used. Also, a relocation of these buildings to another Evonik Group site is possible. Given the intelligent construction system, such a relocation is possible with ease.

Evonik is planning to store big packs with a variety of contents in the frost-proof semi-permanent buildings by Herchenbach. This is a requirement which is covered ideally with the functional properties of semi-permanent buildings. With the semi-permanent buildings, the workforce can move goods into and out of store, at any time of the day and regardless of the weather. At the same time, the big packs remain clean, even after protracted storage without weather-related deposits. This means Evonik saves at least one step in handling the big packs and can offer better working conditions for its employees in accordance with in-house standards.

"Even if the requirements on the constructed semi-permanent buildings sound simple on first hearing them, the subtleties are in the detail", says project engineer Markus Meven of Herchenbach Industrie-Zeltebau GmbH. He has actively worked on this project as the building supplier’s project manager. In addition to obtaining the official permit for permanent installation of the buildings from the responsible authorities, it was the case here where the drainage and lighting requirements were accompanied by a certain degree of complexity. As Evonik and Herchenbach had worked out various solutions to these challenges in advance, the subsequent implementation was relatively free from complications. All parties were very satisfied with the final result of the semi-permanent building project.

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